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Who is Observer Drift & how did it all come about?

Observer Drift consists of just me. I write/record all my music by myself. I used to be in a cover band, but when it broke up I wanted to continue playing music, so I started focusing on music I had been writing myself.

The name seems to go hand in hand with your sound,we often listen to the tracks and watch the world go by. Was that a conscience effort? Where did the name come from?

The name actually came about while I was sitting in a psychology class last year at the school I attend. My teacher mentioned this thing called “observer drift” which basically is the idea that when two people are working on the same thing or observing the same patient/subject, they begin to agree more and more and begin to draw similar conclusions. I really found that interesting and just over all loved what it meant. Also the combination of words just really clicked with me. I started scribbling that name all over my note book, then eventually decided to use it as my title.

How would you describe your sound in an adjective filled sentence?

A reminiscent melting pot of dream influenced, bed room produced easy listening tunes.

“Sex,drugs,and Rock n Roll” has long been a cliche within music,what three words would you use to describe your music career so far?

Hmmm,how about Pizza, garage sales and homework,haha.

Are there any new bands that are inspiring you at the moment,or any that have been the soundtrack to your days as a growing musician?

Well, right now as I am doing this interview, I am listening to the ET Soundtrack on vinyl, by John Williams. I love sound tracks and classical music. Regarding more current inspirations, I have been listening to lots of different stuff, but some that I’ve been listening to this week are Baths, Shlohmo, The Black Keys and M83.

You have recently released both the magnificent Colored My Heart Red EP and your Corridor album within the space of a month,were these all tracks you’d been hiding away of have you just been a busy writer?

I guess you could say I was simply hiding them away. I had put some of them on youtube, but the majority of Corridors was kept hidden until I released it. A few weeks before releasing I decided to put some of my older songs together as an EP just to get my bandcamp account going and possibly generate some interest before releasing Corridors.

With all the recordings having been done in your bedroom,do you find that helps the writing process at all or adds to any of the feel of the tracks?

It definitely shaped my album into what it is. I was pretty limited with space and resources if you were to compare my album writing process to that of a musician or band with a record deal or studio time. I really enjoyed recording at home. I felt very comfortable and was able to basically make it into whatever I wanted it to be.

Given the much embraced influx of your music,have you got anything else up your sleeve? What’s next for Observer Drift?

Im already working on new material. I usually always am. I want to put out another album, absolutely. When I listen to Corridors, I really just think that I have a lot of room to improve and fine tune my next album.

You were recently featured in City Pages magazine & had some radio play with The Current too,how has that been for you?

Just, super awesome. Its been so crazy getting this exposure and attention. I still cant really believe it. City pages and The Current really care about local musicians and artists so its great that they show an interest in projects like mine.

Are there any live shows coming up?

Hopefully! I’ve had a few offers, so the pressure to play live is really building up.

Finally, if you could create anything,for personal or worldwide benefit,what would it be and why?

After my interview with city pages, I thought it would be really cool to run a local or possibly national magazine that highlights hidden talents. I just felt so honored that city pages chose me for an article that I would love to find other artists who haven’t gotten the exposure they deserve. That would be really neat.

Thanks so much for showing an interest in my music project!




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