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Who are Pajama People & how did this splendid band come about?

Pajama People is Will (keyboards/vocals), Lindsay (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Steven (MPC/synthesizer), and Luke (bass). We started out as a recording duo writing in our PJ’s, and after varying the lineup a few times, we ended up with this lovely group of people.

The name has played on our mind for a while now,so much so we’re currently in our PJ’s to fully get into the interview spirit. Where did it come from?

We are too! Lindsay and Will got real sick one weekend and, being unable to rage in their usual fashion, decided to start writing songs… in their Pajamas. Seemed like the logical name for a bedroom group.

How would you guys describe your sound in an adjective filled sentence?

Waves of dark disco, psychedelic luxury, driving you all around crayyy-town.

We first heard your music with the superb I Like Your Rugs EP released last April which we were instantly hooked on. Being your first release what was your approach to the recording? Was their any particular writing inspiration?

For “Handmedown” and “Human,” we completely re-recorded Will and Lindsay’s (respectively) demos in our makeshift living room studio with our drummer at the time. “Getaway” and “Secret Handhsake” were recorded as they were being written. We recorded and mixed it ourselves and after a few weeks of VHS experimentation, we had a master we were really happy with. The budget was roughly $30 for cassette and VHS tapes and a few hundred dollars more for coffee.

There was no one particular writing inspiration, just a lot of ideas that come to you when you are 20 & 22, dropping out of college, in a relationship, and observing a lot of your very talented friends.

Lindsay, you’re the leading lady in the band. How do you find that? Do you manage to keep the guys in order?

Hmmm…Well, Will and I are in a relationship and Steven and Luke are some of my best friends, so we all keep each other “in order” at different times. Tour was interesting, but I’ve been on the road with a group of guys (as the only female) before… I learned very quickly that gender doesn’t really make a difference when you’re tired, broke, and haven’t showered in days. I do definitely take the more managerial role in the band, but that may very well be the more masculine side of my personality coming through, hah.

“Sex,drugs,and Rock n Roll” has long been a cliche within music,what three words would you guys use to describe your music careers so far?

Coffee, Tapes, and Misadventures.

Are there any new bands that are inspiring you at the moment,or any that have been the soundtrack to your days as growing musicians?

We mostly listened to Yung Life, Abner Jay, and 420 Defenders on tour. Yung Life’s debut album, “Youth’s Hours,” was particularly inspiring to us as we work on the new album.

With a few follow up releases last year you’ve yet to release anything in 2012, is there any music your waiting to welcome into the world?

We actually have a limited cassette EP called “Blanket” (March 2012) which we exclusively sell at shows (only 6 tapes left!!). It was made to sell on our “Blanket” tour.

We are currently in the process of recording our first full-length album “COOL INTENTIONS,” anticipated this fall/winter. The sound is going in a bit more dance-friendly direction; less bedroom-vibes, but still sweet and fuzzy.

You made your SXSW debut this year which must have been a magic moment, how did that come around?

SXSW was not all the magic we had expected, but playing in Austin outside of the festival was a great experience. The rest of our tour was amazing. The people in Philadelphia, Knoxville, New Orleans, Mcallen TX, and New York were all incredible!

You’ve also just played your final Boston show alongside another of our favourite bands Abadabad, where are you heading from here? Any other live shows coming up outside of the area?

New York, baby. We are probably going to play sometime in October in the New York area, but we anticipate an East Coast tour this winter. Until then, we are laying low to work on the album.

Finally, if you could each create anything,for personal or worldwide benefit,what would it be and why?

A drive through restaurant chain that sells decent coffee in the south… that was rough.




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