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All.We.Create. MIXTAPE VOL.1

We thought it was time to put together one of those mixtapes you’d make for someone when you were young, so here we’re gifting a compilation of some of the great bands & artists we’ve learnt of and loved since we launched last year, free for you to use to share or serenade. 

Huge thanks to all the bands & artists involved.

Enjoy & Embrace.


Life In Film – The Idiot

The London four piece have had us since the first note. Getting ready for their debut EP and UK Tour, this track comprises what they’re all about. Be prepared to fall in love.

Life In Film Website

Life In Film Facebook

Life In Film Twitter

Swimming – Some Dreams Come True

We first discovered the band from Fayetteville, Arkansas last year with their brilliant self titled EP. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the guys who managed to charm us just as much as their music.

Swimming Bandcamp

Swimming Facebook

Dante Elephante – All The Time

These guys from Santa Barbara, California are infectious. Our ears have been glued to their German Aquatics EP released earlier this year and this track is a perfect example of why.

Dante Elephante Website

Dante Elephante Facebook

Strange Shapes – Slow Sound

With the Brooklyn band in the process of making a new record , from what we’ve heard so far we are massively excited. There’s something about their sound that hits our heart strings.

Strange Shapes Website

Strange Shapes Facebook

Sun Sister – Growing Your Hair Out

The foursome from Fitchburg, Massachusetts released their Rich American White Kidz EP earlier this year and this track, despite being about a junkie who’s hair grew out from happenstance, has a chorus that continues to make us smile. 

Sun Sister Bandcamp

Sun Sister Facebook

Sun Sister Twitter

McWolf – Feel It Out

This is the side project of a Boston, Massachusetts man we already appreciated very much as the bass player of the brilliant Abadabad. Last year when we heard Welly Netto’s had released this EP we only had the hear the opening riff of this track and we were hooked. 

McWolf Bandcamp

McWolf Facebook

Real Fur – The Fool

The first time we had the pleasure of hearing these guys was a complete random stumble on a merry voyage across London and how lucky we were for that night. The three piece have had us since then, putting on there infamous Safari Funk pop up gigs in Laundries across the land. 

Real Fur Website

Real Fur Facebook

Real Fur Twitter

Sea Pinks – Oh London

We don’t think we could put it better than the Belfast band do themselves, inspired by “sea glass, bleached grass and ghost guitars”. Wonderful.

Sea Pinks Bandcamp

Sea Pinks Facebook

Lonesome Ghost – My Dear

The Dallas quartet were the first band we interviewed back when we started in late 2011 and one of the first bands we heard that made us want to carry on the search for amazing music. Now in the process of getting ready to release more material, this track from the None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know EP will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Lonesome Ghost Bandcamp

Lonesome Ghost Facebook

Pajama People – Human

We didn’t have to hear anything other than the opening notes of this track from the band from Winchester, Massachusetts to know we were fans. Glad to see them making their SXSW debut this year.

Pajama People Bandcamp

Pajama People Facebook

Fthrsn – On Our Way

The man from Ann Arbor, Michigan has made a masterpiece, one listen and we were away. Like nothing we’ve heard for a long while, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

Fthrsn Bandcamp

Fthrsn Facebook

Observer Drift – Home Video

We can still remember the excitement hearing Collin Ward’s “Coloured My Heart Red” EP released last year and then dropping his incredible album “Corridors” it seems anyone that comes across his music feels the same.  Recording the whole thing in his bedroom in Minneapolis, here’s one of the standout tracks for us.

Observer Drift Bandcamp

Observer Drift Facebook

All We Are – Cardhouse

Guro, Rich and Luís, from Norway, Ireland and Brazil respectively make up this wonderful intriguing trio. This track is a perfect example of why we think we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future.

All We Are Soundcloud

All We Are Facebook

Ay Ducane – Queen and the Sultan Blues

We’ve seen the five piece from London live a few times and we love their beautiful blues edge. We always feel like they’re singing a story or telling a tale we want to hear.

Ay Ducane Facebook

Oh Ruin – Just Like Kat’s Guitar

It was a Sunday night at one of our favourite London nights Live & UNamplified where we set our seat up next to a man and a guitar, somehow knowing something special was to follow. Beard envy & brilliant music.

Oh Ruin Website

Oh Ruin Facebook

Lasse Passage – Tanker om Morningen

One moment of this mans work and the next thing we knew we were on our way to Rotterdam to visit him, recording our very first All.We.Create acoustic sessions. A gentleman & a great musician.

Lasse Passage Website

Lasse Passage Facebook

Lasse Passage Twitter

Grandpa Was A Lion – Texas Forever

Quite possibly one of our favourite band names of all time, made even more mesmerising by their superb music.

Grandpa Was A Lion Website

Grandpa Was A Lion Facebook

Grandpa Was A Lion Twitter


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