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Who are All We Are & how did this trio come about?

We are Guro, Rich and Luís, from Norway, Ireland and Brazil respectively, we met at uni and started the band exactly this time lt year.

We have a fond similarity with 2/3 of your name, we feel we?re going to get along with your music already. How did the name come about?

The name came after a period when we were disillusioned with our music careers, after trying to do things that didn?t come out quite right. People often mistake it for ?All We Were,? ?Who Are You,? and ?How Are You.?

How would you guys describe your sound in an adjective filled sentence?

Fulfilling-encompsing-dynamic-warm-haunting-psych-tinged-folkish pop.

We heard you?ve been writing in an isolated cabin in a Norwegian forest and recording inside an ancient church? How did that come about?

Our bs player Guro comes from a lovely Norwegian Valley and her family have a cabin by a lake and another by a fjord. The nature around there is absolutely amazing and inspiring, perfect for music-making. The church came about a good friend w the gardener for the church and suggested it to us!

Do you think these environments had any influence on your music? Would there be any other dream places you would love record in?

They completely influenced our music. A couple of songs are actually about the cabin and mountains around it, and the church ambience defined our performances in those recordings. A dream place to record in would be somewhere by a good beach, we heard there?s a good studio in Hawaii.

?Sex,drugs,and Rock n Roll?  has long been a cliche within music,what three words would you guys use to describe your music careers so far?

Coffee, Coffee & Coffee!

Are there any new bands that are inspiring you at the moment,or any that have been the soundtrack to your days growing musicians?

Been quite inspired by Metronomy recently, great stuff.

The EP is called ?We Hunt?, did the Norweign forest have anything to do with this?

Yeah. Probably not literally (probably) but in a metaphorical way, we are all hunters, it?s in our genes.

You?re very kindly giving away the track ?Cardhouse? from the EP for free and we?ve been air drumming to it all week. What?s the track all about?

About loss. In your ce, the loss of your drum kit you?ve been air drumming to! The cardhouse is representative of the life you build around someone, it?s tenuous at best and can eily come crhing down at an unexpected moment.

You?ve been gigging around the UK & Europe quite a lot recently, are there any more live shows alongside the EP launch?

Well, we are in the middle of a Norwegian festival we write this. So playing a few gigs up here an then heading to Germany, playing Kaffe Schokoladen, Fusion Festival the day after, and then the usual gigs in London and Liverpool, and a lovely one in a church in Cambridge, can?t get enough of them.

Finally, if you could each create anything,for personal or worldwide benefit,what would it be and why?

Guro wants to fly, Rich wants a teleporter – anyone can use it for a small royalty. Luís wants disposable flip-flops to be readily available anywhere.




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