“The collection of the latest photos of the young artist Luka Klikovac represents an exiting and creative play of colored fluids. Through his camera lens he reveals realistic and tangible space where wondrous motions of strange forms occur, thereby creating psychedelic effects. The author is fascinated with the diversity of surreal depths and spaces created by unpredictable laws of motion of colored fluids. His imagination, artistic sensibility and knowingly caused “randomness” in a glass of water, lead viewers to an endless adventure, full of surreal and timeless scenes. When experimenting with light Luka Klikovac creates an illusion of the polar illumination that springs out from hidden fountains. Various hints and implies occur in the eyes of the beholder – materialized visions of the distant galaxies, stardust and miraculous fluorescent life forms of the Jules Vernes’ ocean depths, as well as images of brightly colored organic elements.The author allowed himself a little fun when letting disappear the reality of place and time, materialization and narrativity, and using none of digital photography visual effects. This series of images of Luka Klikovac promotes, so to speak, a specific field of abstract photos wherein he explores the possibilities of his creative expressions. The author emphases that his vision and goal is to make people escape from the daily routine and points out that these images should be understood as Rorschach stains- Branimir Karanović”

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    “I am a street photographer based in Liverpool, UK and started the Streets of Liverpool project in 2010 to document my life in hometown. I’m also a member of the Fab Collective, a group of photographers who came together after the cities Capital of Culture celebrations in 2008. Liverpool is such a small city and for street photography that can sometimes be a blessing when your legs are tired, it can also often be frustrating too as it can frequently feel like you’re covering the same ground over and over again. However it does make you work harder to look for those little subtleties and idiosyncrasies of the city – Jane MacNeil.”

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    In this, the fourth in a series of inspiration led mini-films, we spend a few hours in the studio with artist Paul Hughes.

    Dublin painter Paul Hughes has been painting for over 20 years and works out of his studio, an old pig barn on Frascati Park in Dublin. Over the years Paul has built up a very loyal following. It is only in the last 5 or 6 years though that he has publicly exhibited his work.

    In January 2009 Paul was invited by the DDDA to hold the first showing of his Absorption / Horizon series of work. This exhibition, called “Do You Ever Get There”, was a great success and lead to his first solo show in London in June 2009 at the King’s Road Gallery. This show was called “Between Two Worlds”.

    Paul is also proactive with charities such as Frontline Human Rights Defenders, Sea Change Micro Financing, John Hartnett Stroke Fund and Blackrock Hospice.

    Check out Paul’s work at: http://www.paulhughes.ie

    Directed & shot by James Cooper



    Ride Sally Ride – A woman, a Mustang … and a song by Wilson Picket.

    Listen here, one of these lonely mornings gonna’ be wiping your weeping eyes. Lookey here, I bought you a brand-new Mustang, a nineteen-sixty-five. Now you come around, single, fine, woman and don’t wanna let me ride. Mustang Sally, now baby, guess you better slow that Mustang down. You been running all over town, gotta put your flat feet on the ground. What I said now, let me say it one more time. Now all you wanna do is ride around Sally – Ride, Sally, Ride …